October 20, 2010

I used to think listening to podcasts is weird because instead of listening to the speaker, I’m actually imagining the speaker recording the podcast. Just the thought itself makes me feel weird, like the speaker is talking to himself/herself.

Despite all that, I decided that it’s time to have something (more educational) besides K-Pop to keep me company on the long journey to/from work. Hence the frantic downloading of all podcasts from Talk To Me In Korean. Surprisingly, the podcasts are really interesting and engaging, probably because every podcast is an actual conversation going on between two persoe. The best part is that transcripts are provided as well. OK, I know I’m slow in this whole podcast thing, but it’s really a pleasant surprise. Better late than never, don’t you agree? I will probably go look for more sources tomorrow.

I thought I’ll just post a quick one before I head off to sleep. 잘 자~

PS: I like my rediscovered enthusiasm. 2 entries within 24 hours!