I Can’t Think Of A Title….

February 19, 2011

Opps! Two months into 2011 already! Where did my precious time go to?

My apologies for the unintended extended absence from this space. I haven’t been very active in the cyberspace for quite a while, actually. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very been taking the initiative to do self-study either. I have “LAZY” and “GUILTY” printed all over my face when it comes to my resolutions and promises. =(

My cousin and I had made plans (since the Jurassic period) to head down to Arirang restaurant @ Liang Seah Street for Bibimbap. I can’t compare to the authentic ones from Korea (seeing that I haven’t been there before…), but Arirang has the best Bibimbap I have ever tasted so far in Singapore. I haven’t tried many, but those that I’d tried failed to satisfy because there wasn’t the crispy ‘overcooked’ rice (at the side of the hotpot) which was one of the reason why I loved to eat Bibimbap.

Arirang Bibimbap
My favourite bibimbap! =)

Since I was already there, I pulled my cousin along to Bras Basah Complex and found this book…

TOPIK Vocab Compilation
《韩语能力测试频点词汇》/ TOPIK Vocabulary Compilation

It’s divided into “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” which is helpful. I might do a short review later, but for now, it strongly reminded me of how I used to study Chinese during my secondary school days. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with these guidebooks, where they summarised all the vocabulary you need to know from each chapter of the textbook, completed with the definition in English and Chinese, some other similar words which contained the character as well as sample sentences. It was my ‘bible’ those days!

Okay, enough of skiving. Back to work! Until I update again, 안녕히 계세요.


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