Huge Dilema

November 13, 2010


I don’t know to be happy or sad. They are coming (YAY!) on a Thursday (…..).
My boys or my class. I am really really really troubled.

I know it shouldn’t be a dilema, of course, class comes first. But I’m such a fangirl, I really feel the panic. To top it off, I have to work that day and it’s obvious things won’t work out anyway unless I can split myself into at least 3 bodies. To be honest, I’m reluctant to spend that money because I’m not happy with how the record labels are trying exploit the fans by jacking up the prices so high. It’s sickening how local entertainment labels/ stores/ concert organizers intentionally up the price of CDs and concerts of Korean artistes just because they are from Korea and anything labelled “Korean” can sell in Singapore.

OK. Forgive my whining and angst. This is just a fangirl trying to get it out of her system and surrender to reality.



2 Responses to “Huge Dilema”

  1. Aneta Says:

    Dear, I hope that things will turn out well for you and you’ll be happy with your decision 😉

    Record labels are always trying to earn more money 😐

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