With All Efforts

November 8, 2010

I have been neglecting my Korean studies. I have missed one lesson, was one-hour late for one, and I’m going to miss another this coming Thursday. I am losing track of what I’m learning (or not) and I owe my 선생님 2 chapters worth of homework. I had decided to do self-study after this term, but at the rate I’m going, I don’t know if I will have the discipline to squeeze time out to do so. It is still ever so precious to me, the whole Korean thing. I cannot emphasize enough how the lessons and my friends are keeping me sane amidst all these craziness I get from work. How much I take pride in the fact that I am able to enjoy at least half the drama I’m watching without subtitles, that I might just have something like an ability or talent that others don’t have. I know there are (many) others out there who are way better than me, and that thought drives me to want to learn more.


In an attempt to do something, I bought a nice new notebook for myself to do some translations. I have the shortest attention span ever, and I cannot imagine myself sitting down for 2hours at one shot just to translate an article. So I’m going to start short, like a half-page entertainment news. I will 1)Copy the entire passage into the notebook 2)Check out the words I’m not sure of at Naver Dictionary 3)Make some sentences to practice usage of the new vocabulary and finally4)Translate the whole article. I have only started to do my first article, so I’ll update again to see how things go.

I have also rediscovered a free monthly Korean-English magazine “KNOW” (I think it used to be “KOZINE”) which I took from SOL Mart when I was there to buy a bottle of 막걸리. It’s good because all the articles have a Korean and an English version so it’s not difficult to find out what I was reading, and the contents are not too boring.

Ok. So I’ll head back to my translation now (I’m actually skiving off work hehe!).

PS: I wish for an offday so I can dedicate a day to studying… =/


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