November 3, 2010

So yesterday was a Tuesday and as I did for the past 1.5 year, I went to school. We practiced telephone booking of air tickets for conversational skills. I cleared it relatively OK, except that I stumbled over providing my own mobile number. I don’t know if anyone else ever have such weird habits, but I have a preferred language when it comes to reciting contact numbers. I recite my own mobile in English, my home number in Mandarin, and my aunt’s number in… (****DRUMROLL****) Hokkien. You can call it a habit, because whenever I need my aunt’s number, I’ll ask my Grandma – who will always answer me in Hokkien and so.. 그렇게 되었다. Apparently according to my 선생님, the natives in Korea speak with supersonic speed on the phone, and they have no patience if you can’t recite your number with equal speed.

After class, we took the shuttle bus back to Clementi and then I realised I left my mobile under the desk. Panic, panic. Thankfully, my friends had my teacher’s mobile number and I quickly called her up to ask if it’s ok to go back to school to get it. Later that night, I text my 선생님 to let her know that I’d recovered my lost mobile and and she replied:

“your phone talking was great i was surprised^^”

The last time I spoke to a 선생님 I “forgot to be polite” (remember how I have problems with 존댓말?) and mixed English with Korean. This time round, I managed to converse entirely in Korean, and remember all my “요”s at the same time. So if you can just forgive me for a little smugness, I’m proud of myself. HAHA. I suppose I just have to remind myself that everyone I speak to is a 선생님 and put in extra effort.

OK. You probably got it. I’m just posting this to show off a little.
I’m sorry. I’ll keep in mind that “骄宾必败”.

PS: Oh. I forgot. The results are released tomorrow. Not today. Hehehe!


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