TOPIK Results

October 30, 2010

I have happily forgotten about the TOPIK paper I’d taken about 2 months back, until the topic came up in a conversation with a friend yesterday.

Then I remembered. OMG. The results are going to be released on 3rd November. That’s like, 4 days away.

I honestly wonder how could I actually forget about such a thing.

Anyway, my pals and I decided to start from scratch and took the beginner’s paper. I hope I won’t fall below my expectations. If not… The money I’ve invested in classes for the past 1.5 years would have literally gone down the drain.

If my results are satisfactory… I’ll let you know. =)
If I radio silence…. Hmm….


xoxo, Major Fangirl

October 26, 2010

I am sorry, I can’t help it.
I really need to share this, get it off my chest and proclaim my love for them.

Presenting, 2AM’s latest MVs!

미친듯이// Like Crazy

전활 받지 않는 너에게// You Don’t Answer My Call

I looked like a complete idiot when I smile to myself while listening to my iPork and eating lunch at the same time today. It’s really worth it!

I got to say, those who watched 개인의 취향 (Personal Taste) would know that 슬옹 오빠 didn’t do that well. To be fair, he was a singer, not an actor. I was surprised that he was chosen to be the lead in the MV for 전활 받지 않는 너에게, but I can see that there was just a little improvement in his acting. Of course, I may be biased, but I think it’s good enough!

OK, fan girl signing off.


이것 저것

October 25, 2010

Forgive my silence after the initial (over) enthusiasm. Work has been crazy because of the severe shortage of manpower [I’ve gone 14 days straight without an offday and I have to hang on for 3 more days!!! =((]. I had to miss my lesson last week to cover for a colleague and now I have lots of self-study to do! To top it off, I have yet to complete my homework which was supposed to due last week…

Which made me think a lot. I concluded that it is time to discontinue my classes at SKS. So this term will be my last one with them. I have had classes for as long as I can remember (1.5 years) and… I am going to miss all the Tuesdays/ Thursdays rush.

아쉽지만 학교에 다니는 것이 벌써 힘든데. 아직도 학교에서 공부를 계속 하고 싶지만 더 이상 못할 가봐요. 앞으로 혼자서 공부해야 할 것 같아요. 잘할 수 있을까요…?

I managed to steal some time off to visit the library and borrow all the remaining KLEAR textbooks I’ve yet to lay my hands on (7 of them). I got a feeling they are going to be my best friends soon.

Until then, it’s time to finish up my homework (TWO 쓰기!!) and read up before tomorrow’s lessons, which I “die die also will go”!

PS: I am sooooo glad to announce that I have ordered my copy of 2AM’s SAINT O’CLOCK (special edition at that!) from GMarket! I.CAN’T.WAIT!!!


October 20, 2010

I used to think listening to podcasts is weird because instead of listening to the speaker, I’m actually imagining the speaker recording the podcast. Just the thought itself makes me feel weird, like the speaker is talking to himself/herself.

Despite all that, I decided that it’s time to have something (more educational) besides K-Pop to keep me company on the long journey to/from work. Hence the frantic downloading of all podcasts from Talk To Me In Korean. Surprisingly, the podcasts are really interesting and engaging, probably because every podcast is an actual conversation going on between two persoe. The best part is that transcripts are provided as well. OK, I know I’m slow in this whole podcast thing, but it’s really a pleasant surprise. Better late than never, don’t you agree? I will probably go look for more sources tomorrow.

I thought I’ll just post a quick one before I head off to sleep. 잘 자~

PS: I like my rediscovered enthusiasm. 2 entries within 24 hours!

Speech Levels . 말체

October 19, 2010

Asians have a thing for hierarchy. This is particularly highlighted in Japanese and Korean culture – it’s there in the way they bow and even in their speech.

Being an Asian who firmly believes in equality despite age, social and whatever difference, that is not something I take to with agility and comfort. After being in touch with the language for a while, I am still having trouble with 말체 (speech levels). There are seven speech levels, namely:

Speech Levels
Sorry about the size. You can see the actual (clearer one) here.

I won’t claim to be an expert in this, simply because I’m not. The common ones that I’ve comed across so far in my studies are 합쇼체, 해요체, 해체 and occasionally 하오체.

The only times I ever speak Korean are when I’m with my bunch of friends from SKS (all true-blue Singaporeans) and at school to my 선생님. My friends are all younger than me and I have the tendency to speak to them in 반말 (Banmal, which I believe is categorized under “해체”). Needless to say, I grew comfortable with 반말 and have no major issues doing simple conversatoins with that. That soon became a problem after I realise that I have the tendency to speak to my 선생님 in 반말 as well. Keeping in mind the hierarchy thing, this is a big no-no (even though the 선생님 were generally beyond ecstacy that I am putting in some effort to speak in Korean).

Throughout my short (and ongoing) experience at service frontline, I got to meet some Korean tourists who decided to choose this little sunny island as their holiday destination. Most of them can speak decent English, and if they were to ask me anything in English, I will answer them in English. Occasionally there’ll be one or two who can speak, but doesn’t seem to understand my answer. That’s when I take it as a sign to start speaking to them in Korean. Usually I get two different kind of reactions – either they are (pleasantly) surprised, or they didn’t realize that I’ve just spoken Korean and just repeat my answers naturally. A typical answer I give will go something like this: “여기에는 없습니다. 건너편에 있어요. 지하층에 있어..요”. You can notice the pattern – I go from the “ㅂ니다” to the “요” and then to 반말. So far, these Koreans customers I’d met had been too surprised to be particular over my 말체. It is still an important part of the whole culture/language and is definitely a problem I need to fix. Another issue is that I still get extremely nervous (to the extent that I start trembling) when I talk to natives.

I should try showing all my friends some respect (albeit their age) and speak to them in 합쇼체. I am also considering talking to pictures of My Favourite Men In Korea to practice.

That is, if I still remember how to talk while staring at their faces. =)

End Oct… 기대해!

October 18, 2010

Saint o'clock

My first exposure to Korean was through dramas, and although that was one of the most interesting way to pick up a language, its not the most convenient one. I can’t work and watch drama at the same time. So I need to look for an alternative desperately.

That’s when I turn to K-Pop. Music is portable and the lyrics function in my iPhone is the BEST invention ever. It allows me to bomb myself with Korean anytime, anywhere. I love ballads and have minimal tolerance for anything that has a rhythm that’s faster than my heartbeat. It was one of the reasons why it took me quite some time to adapt to KPop songs and then to eventually fall in love with it. K-Pop has far too many dance tracks and auto-tuning for my liking (I’ve made my peace with those now). So I was looking through the new releases (Wonder Girls, anybody..?) and decided to just give every song a chance. That’s when I found out about 투에이엠 (2am).

Ok. Everyone who knows K-Pop will know that 투피엠 (2pm) is the more popular group. To make a long story short, I was (slightly) interested in 2pm then and only knew about 2am through 2pm’s own reality show Wild Bunny. You know, the infamous Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra parody they did. I went to Google their (2am) songs, happily switched alliances and pledged my love and loyalty until today. And you can bet on it that I will continue to do so.

Actually, the whole point of the long introductory is to gush about 2am’s upcoming album Saint o’clock scheduled to be release end October (ONE MORE WEEK!!)! 2 of their teasers 이젠없다 (Nothing Now) and 사랑한다 말못해 (Can’t Say I Love You) is already up on their official weband they really really make me very very excited!


Not exactly the most helpful entry in terms of self-improvement but tell me, what better way to start the blog with more excitement and OOMPH than to gush over my favourite boys in entire Korea?

I’ll promise an equal amount of enthusiasm in my studies.